Rosie Knight is an Eisner-winning journalist and author who has been writing professionally since 2005. Her career has taken her around the world and although she hails from London she currently resides in Los Angeles where she writes full time. She began as a professional poet but transitioned into journalism, starting at the Eisner-winning WWAC in 2016. Since then she has written for digital media sites including Nerdist, IGN, The Hollywood Reporter, Esquire, Den of Geek, DC Comics, /Film, BuzzFeed, and Refinery29. Rosie has carved out a niche exploring pop culture through a passionate and critical lens, covering everything from the hottest new TV shows to the abusive cycles within Star Wars to the creative process behind the comics that have shaped the current entertainment landscape. Rosie is also a published comics writer and you can find more info about her comics work here.

The Haunted High-Tops, Rosie’s debut YA comic with¬†Fran Bueno, is out now from Capstone. She also has some other exciting projects in the works that she can’t talk about yet!

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You can read Rosie’s full portfolio of articles here.

Twitter: @rosiemarx