Rosie Knight is an Eisner-winning journalist and author. You can find her work at websites like Nerdist, IGN, Polygon, The Hollywood Reporter, Women Write About Comics, Esquire, Den of Geek, DC Comics, /Film, BuzzFeed, and Refinery29. Rosie has carved out a niche exploring pop culture through a passionate and critical lens, covering everything from the hottest new TV shows to the abusive cycles within Star Wars to the creative process behind comic books that have shaped the current entertainment landscape. She co-hosts Crooked Media’s X-Ray Vision podcast, discussing pop culture from superhero movies to prestige television to the best fantasy novels and, of course, comics.

Rosie is a published comics writer and you can find more info about her comics work here. The Haunted High-Tops, Rosie’s debut Young Readers comic with Fran Bueno, is out now from Capstone.

You can read Rosie’s full portfolio of articles here.