Comics & Zines

The Haunted High-Tops was released in August 2020 from Capstone Publishing’s horror comics line for kids, Scary Graphics! You can get more info about this collaboration with artist Fran Bueno here.

Rosie Knight began her professional comics writing career with backups in Nick Marino and Daniel Arruda Massa’s Cougar and Cub. You can read her complete series of five stories below.

Rosie’s backup story called “Love Games” with illustrator Tori Gonzalez appeared in Fever Coast: A F*ck Off Squad Story.

Rosie and Daniel reunited for a Killer Klowns From Outer Space fan comic that debuted at TCAF 2018.


The five stories illustrated by Daniel Arruda Massa are set throughout different eras in comic book history, beginning with golden age superheroics and ending with ’90s alternative comics.

Rosie has created a selection of zines which are available to download on her Gumroad page.

Fake Geek Girl collects a series of critical pop culture essays from her time at Women Write About Comics. “Fake Geek Girl” sold out when it was featured at TCAF 2018.

Daddy Issues collects Rosie’s popular Women Write About Comics column centering on terrible dads in comics. “Daddy Issues” sold out when it was featured at TCAF in 2018.