I have a backup called “Love Games” that I made with Tori Gonzalez in Dave Baker and Nicole Goux’s new FEVER COAST: A F*CK OFF SQUAD STORY.

I made a KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE fan comic with Daniel Arruda Massa that debuted at TCAF 2018.

And I’m hard at work on a TBA one-shot comic from Bleating Heart Press.


I’ve written backups for Cougar and Cub, drawn in five rad styles by Daniel Arruda Massa. My stories are set throughout different eras in comic book history, beginning with golden age superheroics and ending with 90s alternative comics.


In February 2017 I decided to take part in my first Hourly Comics Day as a way of sharing my art whilst having some fun. I made┬áten comics and was pretty proud of myself! Read them…